the duo that loves music and it lives. They experience of every day brings new songs and so they share their life with their fans. Not one day will be lost, because they take their experiences to the recording-studio and make another unforgettable song. Liz Dutch roots and her proverbial: “Nederlandse gezelligheid” in combination with Kriz his German “word-joke”, is a relaxed way, to put their lives in an musical-light. To live without music is impossible! Kriz : Every day has its own melody, and each time his own lyric. It is easy for him, in order to find a song text with a matching melody. Liz : where are the emotions? Actually, it's enough for Liz, with her radiant voice, and her way of emotional singing to connect new songs with their common feelings. Let the music from LIZ & KRIZ get into your soul and enjoy every note with their power                                                                      of creativity.
Liz & Kriz,
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